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Book four of the Airship Adventure Chronicles

I'm working hard this Saturday to complete the fourth book in my steampunk series, The Airship Chronicles. I was only going to be a trilogy in the beginning. But I've had a lot of requests to continue the series, and I have to admit, I really love those characters.

Plus, there were still a lot of loose ends when Book three, Attack of the Automatons, ended. Like, did the evil Dr. Krakov die in that airship crash into the ocean, and what about the Baron? Rett won't be safe while the Baron has bounty hunters on his trail.

Don't forget the Sarcs. Just because the three chasing Belle were killed, doesn't mean there aren't more out there. *evil grin*

See what I mean? So I set out to write book four. I hope to have it complete and published in October 2014. I'd originally thought I'd have it finished by April or May, but life interrupted. My precious puppy Rio went through a prolonged illness after the first of the year and ended up having to be put to sleep. He was thirteen, but still, it broke my heart more than anything ever has.

After a couple months of mourning, Joe and I decided to fill our lives with puppiness again. We both missed Rio so much it was painful and empty without him. But this time, we ended up with TWO Yorkies. A girl named Belle and a boy named Bruno.

Training these two has been a challenge. I didn't understand the difficulty having two the same age would be in the training department. It's hard to write when you have two puppies running around the boat and you're trying to train them to use a pad.

Whew! It's been hard! But they've returned a lot of joy to our lives, so it's way worth it.

So, as you see between Rio dying and the two new babies, I've had a huge distraction in my life for most of 2014. But things have settled down a bit, so I'm back in writing mode. YAY!

The fourth book will be titled, Realm of the Ice Queen. I'm nearing the end, so stay tuned for October and a new release! Thanks for being patient. XOXO Lara

#airshipadventurechronicles #steampunk

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