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She went to Paris....

I just returned from two glorious weeks in Paris! I got to practice my French and eat amazing food. I also spent time visiting a lot of the sites from my novel, Beyond Everlasting, which was so very meaningful for me. Especially seeing the paintings of Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun in real life.

I did a tour to Versailles in a motorcycle side-car that was unique and a lot of other tours that turned out really well. If you go, a wonderful first night activity is the Bustronome, a double decker bus that serves you a gourmet meal as it tours nighttime Paris. A good introduction to the city in a relaxed and delicious atmosphere! I definitely recommend having a private guided tour of the Louvre. It's just too big and overwhelming to conquer on your own in a reasonable amount of time. Dinner and the show at the Moulin Rouge was simply divine and ended the stay with a great dinner cruise on the Seine.

I probably enjoyed the Marais neighborhood the most with it's unique shops and food. Lots of antique stores that offer interesting non-touristy items were a plus.

The people of France were friendly, fun and helpful. I can't wait to go back!

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