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     I grew up in The South, where iced tea is always sweet and BBQ is a religion. I went from reading every horse story in the world, to Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and then on to Mysteries and Sci-fi/Fantasy.

     About 1986, I wrote my first novel. Not having a computer back in those days, I wrote the whole thing in a notebook with a pencil. It was a Star Trek novel; yep, I'm a nerd. When It was complete, I knew I was hooked, because I'd never stuck with any of my artistic hobbies as long as I did writing that book. 

      So, I wrote another one, and another one. Then I went through, well, LIFE, that included bad marriages, eight geographic moves, and changing careers from being a marketing manager to a nurse practitioner, which required going back to college to get a masters in nursing.

      Finally, in 2008, my writing mojo returned and I decided to pursue publishing. After many long hours of learning and giving up all pretense of outside fun, I moved into the ranks of published authors.

      My first novel, Memories of Murder, won several awards in 2012 and continues to receive wonderful reviews. The first book in my DraculaVille series won the Rudy award for best novel with romantic elements in 2013. I am blessed.

      I've now published more than twenty books and short stories and am thrilled to be able to share my love of adventure, fantasy, romance and mystery with my wonderful readers. Yes, I write in different genres, but the basis of all my tales is my attempt to entertain you.

      I went cruising for a while on my sailboat with my Yorkies, Belle and Bruno.  But I'm now living in Tennessee where the whiskey is really good.  


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