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If you came to be entertained, you came to the right place! Welcome. Choose your favorite genre, or pick something new. Settle into a comfy chair with a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine, and let the reading begin.


From cozy to murder mysteries to superntural suspense, come explore my mysteries. Help my heroines solve the crimes and fall in love with some great characters. 

Paranormal Tales


From supernatural suspense, to my exciting vampire trilogy, your heart will be thumping as you explore the paranormal with my characters.


Steampunk Adventures


​     Soar through the sky in an airship, wear fanciful corsets, top hats and your best clockwork gear. You'll have a blast escaping air-pirates, secret assassins, and slave traders, all while thwarting a mad scientist intent on destroying the world. Huzzah! 



If there's anything I love, it's saying, "What if?" Speculative fiction is my favorite to read and write. Come explore places you've never imagined and characters set in 'what if" situations on Earth and other worlds.

Hot Romance


​      Oh, yes, here's where you'll find steamy, hot romance tales. These stories are a lot more explict than my other BEWARE!!!


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